Everything always comes full circle in the end but this time it feels different I don’t want to cry anymore I feel a relieved it’s over for the best eh!

Taking it back to the creative…

Taking it back to the creative…

The painful truth… Victim of my own making…

It’s a hard one to swallow! But be honest I have done most of this to myself. It started of as art but then got taken over by the need for attention.
I get what I project to the world. In this world nice people finish last, so what to do… I can’t be a bitch but I can be real. Keeping it real helps me sleep at night I think. Let’s just say enough is enough can’t keep on allowing this to happen over and over again in so many different ways… It stops now… And again tomorrow… And maybe again in a month when I forget because humans do and let’s be honest I wouldn’t be me if I never forgot. But reminders are of benefit… And this one doesn’t look easy. To my children know I fight this fight because I love… No one can ever put me in a place of regret because without you little troopers I swear my life wouldn’t be my life and I am truly blessed that I given the opportunity to be apart of your lives… I love u all… And to the rest of the users, haters, fools and losers keep it moving nothing broken here… A few cracks but we work hard to fix those as nobody is perfect!

They take you in chew u up! Then out the other end 💩

Despite everything I still am a fool, foolish is me cant help it but I am a fool.

If you stand for nothing you fall for everything!

I am a foooooooooool!!!

I think I just got mugged off! Oh well!

What I would say if I had the guts… “why the games? Tell me one way or another thought maybe this one was different mmmmmmmn! Got to wind your neck in and be honest one way or the other. … But I don’t so I just do the waiting game but I am a little rubbish at this honesty is my policy straight up!

Why do I get sucked in… No more! This stops now!